State of UK Public Parks

State of UK Parks 2016

Renaissance to Risk?


The UK’s parks are close to crisis point

The Heritage Lottery Fund’s State of UK Public Parks Report reveals public green spaces are facing budget cuts, staff losses and in some cases being sold off. The research shows that 86% of parks managers have seen cuts to their budgets since 2010, a trend they expect to continue over the next three years.

The report establishes a benchmark on the current condition of the UK’s public parks whilst also looking at how the quality and nature of parks might change in the future. It makes suggestions for action and better ways of working, including commitments from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

Whilst parks have seen a growth in visitor numbers and overall satisfaction levels are very high, HLF predict that the quality and condition of many parks will dramatically decline if action is not taken now to address the emerging risks.

The 2016 State of UK Public Parks report will provide an update on the data and findings of the 2014 report, so many of the questions will be familiar to those who completed the survey in 2013.

The new report will focus less on the wider social values of public parks, as we feel that case have been well made, but focus more on the impacts that changes in management and condition are having on the quality and use of parks and green spaces.

The 2016 surveys have now closed.  We’d like to thank all those that took part in the research as it is your time and dedication that help to make our research thorough and trusted, used by so many to extol the value of our public parks. We look forward to sharing the final report with you later this year.

The research and report are being delivered by CFP and Peter Neal Consulting with the support of