Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery
Image of Brompton Cemetery


The Royal Parks has highlighted Brompton Cemetery as a candidate for an application to the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery Fund’s Parks for People programme for a grant towards its restoration. Working alongside LUC, we helped the Royal Parks pull together their successful Round 1 application.

Alongside the development of the capital works, CFP assisted with identifying the scope of the people’s focussed opportunities for the Cemetery. An early stage of our work was to fully understand what is already known about the Cemetery’s audiences, participation and volunteering. We provided the Royal Parks with advice around which information to gather from consultation exercises in order to inform the baseline demographic information as well as producing a comprehensive report covering the demographics of the Cemetery’s catchment. This included spatial analysis of census data, indices of deprivation and mosaic geodemographics.


Through this work, CFP were able to identify potential audiences for the restoration project, develop the project’s aims, objectives and targets as well as produce briefs and job descriptions for the development stage. Working with the Royal Parks, we were also able to establish the exact number of visitors the cemetery receives, collating raw visitor counter data to produce accessible management data on a monthly basis.

We have since refined the consultation carried out at Brompton Cemetery to develop the annual visitor survey to not only gather monitoring and evaluation data to feed into the lottery project, but also inform the Cemetery’s business plans, the development of capital works and further refine the understanding of Cemetery’s audiences.

November 7, 2014

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