Callowland Allotments

Callowland Allotments
Image of Callowland Allotments

Image of / by Jeremiah Shaw.

CFP have worked with Watford Borough Council to support work with tenants at Callowland Allotments to first establish a working group to explore options for self managements and then establish a management committee to manage the Allotments and oversee a programme of capital improvement works.

Our initial work at Callowland Allotments involved the production of an up to date and accurate electronic site plan alongside consultation with all plot holders to establish levels of satisfaction, identify potential capital improvements and establish the level of willingness to consider self management options. Over a number of months, we provided support to build the capacity of the group to establish the nucleus of a local management group or allotment association.


Working with interested plot holders, our principal consultant, Adrian Spray helped develop a group of tenants that through our good practice review, were able to consider self management of the allotments and begin to establish a formally constituted allotment association. We assisted Watford Borough Council with the production of materials setting out clear proposals for self management and organised a formal vote on these options. Following a successful vote, CFP assisted with developing a constitution or terms of reference that were agreed by the management committee and enabled and empowered the group to vote for a chair, treasurer, secretary and other such roles. Working with tenants, areas for training and skills development were identified and the group continues to be advised through negotiations with Watford Borough Council to oversee a programme of capital improvement and fully realising self management.

December 11, 2014

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