Cyfarthfa Park

Cyfarthfa Park


CFP are working with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council on a 3 year contract through their delivery stage to lead on all monitoring and evaluation of the Parks for People restoration project. CFP’s role is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Cyfarthfa Park Story programme at three key stages:

Phase 1 – Baseline study

  • Confirmation of exact indicators to be measured and vision aspired;
  • Review baseline of all indicators;
  • Complete baseline study report for Cyfarthfa Park;
  • Dissemination of report.

Phase 2 – Mid term evaluation

  • Measure of progression against all indicators;
  • Analysis of progress in relation to initial aspirations and objectives;
  • Complete mid term evaluation report;
  • Dissemination of the report.

Phase 3 – Final evaluation

  • Measure of progression and final achievements against all indicators;
  • Detailed analysis of progress in relation to initial aspirations and objectives;
  • Comparison between other parks and related visitor attractions (local and comparative examples elsewhere in the UK), and critical analysis of comparative success or failure;
  • Identification of lessons learned and potential alternative approaches required;
  • Complete final evaluation report;
  • Dissemination of the report.


At Cyfarthfa Park as part of the monitoring and evaluation project we have completed the initial review of base line and targets set as part of the stage 2 application and found a range of issues in the way that figures had been arrived at. This lead to a more detailed consideration of what the base line and targets should actually be for the project and these have been used to take the project forward.

CFP worked with Merythr Tydfil County Borough Council to train staff volunteers in face to face surveys and visitor observation methods through a series of workshops, with a team of staff and volunteers now out delivering both of these. We worked with the wider team to ensure that the Museum (which is located in the park) survey is linked to the park survey so that consistent visitor data is gathered across both attractions.

CFP carried out a piece of research to establish the wider strategic issues that the Cyfarthfa Park project can link to – this looked at the wider economic, social and environmental impacts for the project and ways that the restoration project’s contribution to these could be measured.

We ran a workshop with key stakeholders to help to develop the monitoring and evaluation framework and have produced annual reports looking at the visitor surveys for both the park and museum, accompanied by a executive summary that is illustrated with infographics.

October 2, 2014

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