Jellicoe Water Gardens

Jellicoe Water Gardens

Image by David Newland.

At the Jellicoe Water Gardens, Hemel Hempstead, we developed an Activity Plan in the context of these modernist town centre water gardens and their links to the wider town centre. Our plan set out how the project will attract new audiences, a greater numbers of visitors and encourage visitors to remain on site longer. The Activity Plan along with the capital improvements and changes to management and maintenance will increase previous low levels of visitor satisfaction and remove barriers related to personal safety.

We also worked closely with the design team to look at the business case for the creation of a new building on site which, at Round 1, was proposed as a community venue, training space and café. We carried out detailed work on competitors and comparators and looked at the potential income generation and running costs for the facility. Our collective work established that not only was there insufficient demand for the community aspects but the commercial side would not be viable and would also not add value to the project.


We have also supported the establishment and development of the Friends of Jellicoe Water Gardens who will play an important role in providing a vehicle for participation and engagement. The community venue and training space proposed at Round 1 will be scaled down and has been revised to support volunteer activity. During the development stage we also reviewed the staffing structure to support volunteers and deliver the Activity Plan and have increased the resources allocated for delivery. We are confident these revisions will provide the basis for a realistic and deliverable Activity Plan meeting Dacorum Borough Council, the community’s and HLFs aims and outcomes.

With a successful Round 2 submission, CFP are now working with the Council to provide a holistic approach to the Parks for People evaluation process, providing a methodology for evaluating the overall impact of the scheme on people and the local community. We have been commissioned to review baseline, targets and proposed methods, collate the annual monitoring data and prepare progress reports, prepare appropriate surveys and produce interim and final evaluation reports.

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