Saughton Park & Gardens

Saughton Park & Gardens
Render of proposals at Saughton Park & Gardens

Concept image of Saughton Park & Gardens post restoration courtesy of Ironside Farrar.

CFP have recently helped the City of Edinburgh Council complete their first HLF Parks for People bid, having submitted a round 1 application in February 2013 and have subsequently completed the Activity Planning as part of the round 2 application.

Our work at Round 1 consisted of a range of support services to the council. As this was the council’s first parks bid our Director, Ian Baggott, performed the role of mentor to the in house team, guiding them through the work up to the Round 1 application. This included identifying the work to be done in house, planning consultation events, guiding research work, steering the design teams (landscape and architecture) and helping everyone prepare for pre-application advice meetings with HLF. Further to this role, CFP lead on the overall collation of all costs across both capital and revenue and across development and delivery stages designed consultation exercises, prepared a conservation statement and co-ordinated the Round 1 application itself.


Our work with the City of Edinburgh Council at Round 2 has involved Activity Planning and technical advice. We were keen to make the Saughton Park bid one of the most innovative HLF have seen and, working with the council staff, we helped to design n activity plan that includes a community archaeology project, a community history project, plus the development of a horticultural training centre in the park which will include community gardening, horticultural therapy and demonstration gardens. We helped the authority in further developing a partnership with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society who will move to the park as their permanent base. Further consultation exercises were designed by CFP to feed into our work and we have successfully co-ordinated the

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