West Smethwick Park

West Smethwick Park

One of our biggest challenges to date has been to work on this £5.2m park restoration project set in one of the borough’s most culturally diverse areas. CFP has led on the non design aspects of the project including:

Community consultation – face to face work in the park, work through schools and a huge amount of networking have allowed us to understand the complex social make up of the area and feed in issues and needs to the design team. An extension of our work has given us the lead on consultation around the management and delivery of services from the new community pavilion.

Activity planning – in order to better understand what might work we designed and delivered a programme of pilot activities through voluntary sector providers, this fed in to a mush wider plan which had to deal with outdoor and indoor provision as the project includes the creation of a new £1.2m community pavilion at the centre of the park.

Management planning – working with the design team we have set out a detailed and costed plan that will ensure the HLF investment is looked after in the long term.

Monitoring and evaluation – we trained volunteers to carry to visitor observation studies which enabled us to build up an accurate number of visitors and also a detailed visitor profile. We have also designed and evaluation framework for the project’s delivery phase.

Interpretation planning – working out how to weave interpretation into a Victorian park in a demographically diverse area has been fascinating. From stories of philanthropy and social reform, industrial heritage and innovation, political activism and migration, West Smethwick Park has it all!

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