Legacy Planning at Brompton Cemetery

Client: The Royal Parks

Brompton Cemetery is a Grade I listed cemetery. One of the ‘magnificent seven’, it is the resting place of over 200,000 people, including Emmeline Pankhurst and John Snow. Today it remains a working cemetery but is also a haven for wildlife, a peaceful oasis for the local community and a popular destination with a magnificent chapel, café and visitor centre.

From 2013 to 2018, the Royal Parks led the Brompton Cemetery Conservation Project, a £6.2 million National Lottery Heritage Fund and Community Fund-supported project to restore the cemetery, make space for people and nature and secure its long-term future. Having been involved at the early stages of scoping the project and in the delivery stage evaluation, we were delighted to be asked to help explore ‘life after the project’.

Through our commission we:
  • Co-designed and delivered a series of participatory stakeholder workshops to identify key achievements of the conservation project and identify priorities for a new post-project evaluation framework
  • Worked closely with the client team around their future plans to create a vision of what success would look like over the next five years and developed an Evaluation Framework to make this clear and measurable
  • Drew out legacy objectives and recommendations which The Royal Parks and the Friends Group are implementing to ensure an ongoing sustainable future for Brompton Cemetery

The legacy planning work helped the Royal Parks to develop a future plan for the cemetery that integrated the funerary business, heritage and biodiversity alongside activities and community engagement.

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