Portfolio- Forty Hall and Park

Forty Hall and Park


CFP were commissioned to carry out a Final Evaluation of the Forty Hall Parks for People funded project. We provided a holistic approach to the evaluation process that allowed evaluation of the overall impact of the project.

Our Role

The Final Evaluation assessed the impact of the project on the heritage, communities, the Council, businesses operating on site and key stakeholders. We also looked at succession planning and evaluated the project legacy.

As part of the evaluation process we reviewed lessons learned both for the Council and partners involved and the wider audience.

We worked closely with the Council with regard to this final evaluation as the Council’s stakeholder team carried out the participative research approaches. Within the report we captured quotes in order to understand and record the impact of the project on visitors, volunteers, activity and event attendees and the wider community.

CFP reviewed the final project data, both quantitative and qualitative, measured progress against the aims and objectives and the achievements against all of the project indicators and initial aspirations. In essence, the report celebrated the effectiveness of the Forty Hall story.

Outcomes and Results

We were able to work with the Council and provide the necessary range of skills, experience and commitment to successfully measure the success of the Forty Hall HLF project and complete the Final Evaluation on time and within budget.

The Council were delighted with the final evaluation report which celebrated the success of the project and informed future development and preservation of Forty Hall in order for the legacy to continue.

For more of our work on monitoring and evaluation please follow the link.

“A very professional service delivered promptly and with expertise. Would thoroughly recommend to others”.

James Downing, Enfield Council
















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