Portfolio- St Ann’s Allotments

St Ann’s Allotments


CFP were successful in our proposal to produce a final evaluation report for the St Ann’s Allotments restoration project which was a heritage funded HLF grant programme.

Our Role

During our commission we gathered the views of plot holders, managers, key stakeholders, volunteers and visitors and assisted in setting up ideas for the future, setting priorities for the site, gardeners and the local community.

We recorded the projects achievements focusing on the original aims of the restoration project, reviewed management structures and analysed the impact of the project in the wider context.

In addition to evaluating the project delivery, we also looked at succession planning and reviewed lessons learned both for a wider audience and the partners involved in order to initiate a dedicated management structure, secure additional revenue and improve management and maintenance of the allotments.

Outcomes and Results

The HLF restoration project was a major journey in re-establishing and revitalising St Ann’s Allotments. The successful completion of the project and the production of both a detailed final evaluation report and a glossy executive summary represented a real milestone for those involved and marked a new chapter for the allotments. The final evaluation report celebrated the success of the project and informed future development and preservation of the allotments in order for the legacy to continue.

Following the production of the report CFP worked alongside both Hungerhill Developments Limited and STAA to produce an outline resilient heritage bid to HLF in order to protect the allotments for the future.

For more of our work on monitoring and evaluation please follow the link.