Portfolio- State of UK Parks

State of UK Parks 2014 and 2016


Following on from CFP’s previous commission to produce the ground-breaking State of UK Parks 2014 publication, CFP again teamed up with Peter Neal Consulting to produce the subsequent State of UK Parks 2016 publication for the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Our Role

In the 2014 report our analogy was that parks were ‘looking over the edge of a drop’, no one could tell how step the drop was nor indeed where the bottom might be. The research carried out for the 2016 report enabled us to understand the current state of UK parks at that time.

We carried out an enormous amount of research to produce the publication identifying stories from across the UK. Many of the consultation methods used in the production of the 2014 study were also repeated e.g. park manager surveys, friends group surveys and public opinion surveys, in order to compare the change in parks over the 2 year period. We took a more qualitative and in depth approach to the research and delivered a key workshop with the West Midlands Parks Forum. The team also undertook site visits and carried out research across a number of case study sites.

Our approach was not only inclusive but also collaborative with our client team who engaged fully in the debate towards the production of the final report.

Outcomes and Results

The State of the UK Public Parks 2016 report shows that there is a growing deficit between the rising use of parks and the declining resources that are available to manage them.

The national publication, attracted national press and subsequently led to the formation of the Parks Action Group.

We were incredibly pleased with the end result of the State of UK Parks 2014 and 2016, its high profile within the industry, its national awards and ultimately the value to the client, HLF.

For more of our work in research and guidance please follow the link.

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