Portfolio- Stourport Riverside Gardens

Stourport Riverside Gardens


CFP were appointed by the Council to undertake a master planning exercise and development of a vision and strategy for the future of the Stourport Riverside gardens.

CFP with Ashmead Price presented design proposals for the Riverside Gardens in response to consultation with key stakeholders and the wider public and Stourport’s evolving tourist trade.

Our Role

CFP and Ashmead Price undertook a site assessment, commercial review, stakeholder and public engagement and master planning in order to assist the Council with promoting the vision for the riverside gardens and securing resources for the implementation of the proposals.

The commercial review comprised of analysis of the commercial terms under which operators provide services on the site, an assessment of income from leases, events and car parking charges and costs incurred through grounds maintenance, toilet and car park provision.

The development of the masterplan was informed by research, consultation results and the commercial review.

Outcomes and Results

The review and research included site based and desktop research analysing ecology records, flood history, grounds maintenance, an appraisal of the historic environment and heritage assets, land ownership and legal interests, including leases, licences, covenants and easements, a review of recent investment and funding sources and an assessment of visitor numbers.

CFP made recommendations on how commercial opportunities might be taken to improve both the offer for visitors and income generation.

The masterplan proposed key improvements and new ways of generating income to allow for the rejuvenation of the gardens.

For more of our work on Business Planning please follow the link.

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