Portfolio- Tunbridge Wells Cemetery

Tunbridge Wells Cemetery


CFP were successful in our proposal to produce a Management and Maintenance Plan for Tunbridge Wells Cemetery.

Our Role

CFP worked closely with Bereavement Services, the Parks and Open Spaces team and the Friends group to produce a 10 Year Management and Development Plan. The plan covers the management, maintenance and development of the Cemetery and also provides a framework for developing events, activities and volunteer participation.

Tunbridge Wells Cemetery opened in 1873 and is a historic Victorian Cemetery which has subsequently expanded. The crematorium was added in 1958 and there are future plans for further extension. The Management Plan sets out a framework for a coherent approach to managing the different character zones of the cemetery and to guide further expansion.

The cemetery contains Victorian Chapels (Grade II listed), historic monuments and a mature landscape with some significant specimen trees set on the edge of the High Weald landscape. The cemetery also contains Commonwealth War Graves. The cemetery is also important for wildlife with the areas of unimproved grassland supporting waxcaps and other fungi. In terms of biodiversity the site is of international importance.

Outcomes and Results

The process of developing the plan for Tunbridge Wells Cemetery was important and our approach ensured that all parties were involved in discussion about the cemetery and its future management. We brought together the various stakeholders as part of the process of developing the management plan.

The Management Plan went through a number of iterations and we worked with all parties to ensure that the final document was one that was supported and could be delivered.

For more of our work on management planning please follow the link.

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