Portfolio- Walsall GSS

Walsall Green Space Strategy


CFP had worked with Walsall Council on the two previous versions of the Green Space Strategy so were ideally placed for the latest revision.

Our Role

Our role was wide ranging and operated on a number of levels from site quality auditing and mapping work, wide ranging consultation to staff workshops and stakeholder engagement.

We also looked at how the service could be transformed into a Trust model and other models of service delivery.

Outcomes and Results

Our approach to stakeholder engagement ensured that the strategy was adopted by the Council Cabinet and had staff and friends group support.

There is a clear way forward for the new strategic sites in terms of management planning, maintenance schedules and securing funding / awards.

We started the process of exploring the relationship between health, deprivation and green space quality.

We also placed a great emphasis on monitoring and evaluation to enable the team to gather and present critical information to help show the business case for investment in green spaces.

The action plan was front end loaded to enable the team to rapidly build the evidence base and immediately re-align some areas of service delivery.


For more of our work on strategic planning and site assessments please follow the link.


“If you’re looking for expertise in Parks and Greenspaces, knowledge and credibility with a lot of passion and commitment CFP should be the choice you make. The dedication and consistency the team provide is second to none and it has been a pleasure for Walsall Council to work with such as reputable company.”


Ishrat Karim, Environmental Improvement Manager, Walsall Council










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