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West Midlands Parks Forum


Our Director, Ian Baggott, has been involved in the forum for over 20 years and has been a Vice Chair and Member of the Executive for many years.

In 2014 the Forum decided to buy in a range of professional services to support the development of the group.

Our Role

CFP have been providing support to the West Midlands Parks Forum since 2014 and have continued to provide additional help over and above our annual fee commission.

Our core support has included

  • Providing treasurer services for the first two years
  • Providing newsletter support since 2015
  • Undertaking members surveys and research
  • Designing and delivering workshops around the State of UK Parks and the Parks Action Group
  • Initial support to establish the East Midlands Parks Forum and the Midlands Regional Parks Forum

We have also used our wider contacts in the industry outside of the region and nationally to promote the work of the forum.

Outcomes and Results

The authorities across the region were the biggest contributor to the State of UK Parks showing the level of support we have.

Our workshops have been extremely well received and have helped to showcase the region to regional and national organisations.

For more of our work in research and guidance please follow the link.

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