Restoration & Regeneration

Restoration & Regeneration

We have worked for over 20 years in the field of green space restoration and regeneration, from award winning urban square to historic estates, from Kent to the Outer Hebrides we bring a wealth of experience to any project. We have a range of key services to compliment this area of work including:

Activity Planning

An opportunity to combine our skills and experience of audience development, interpretation, marketing, training and volunteering. We’ve worked on plans for historic landscapes, urban parks, museums and historic buildings and every plan is as unique as the space or place

Project Management

As qualified project managers and having gone through every stage of the project life cycle from concept to evaluation we are well placed to help people think through projects from small to large scale. We add significant value through our wide knowledge in the context of HLF projects and can help clients develop and deliver successful schemes.

Business planning

Our strong research approach combined with the skills and experience of our associates / associated consultancies means we can develop plans based on realistic information. We are also used to working with design teams and in the production of long term management plans in order to ensure that future revenue projections are fully considered.

Interpretation planning & design

A service that we have developed in recent years that is very complimentary to our work in activity planning and our interest in historical research. With our backgrounds in nature conservation and wider work on communications, awareness raising plus our great associates in the field, we can deliver some great results.

Mentoring & technical advice

A role we regularly perform for HLF across the UK as well as for wide range of local authorities. We can help clients think through complex projects, saving money and adding value.

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